How do I use my own ICC profile? (IP60, LX500, LX600, LX610, LX910)

How do I use my own ICC profile? (IP60, LX500, LX600, LX610, LX910)

These instructions are intended to explain the process for adding an already created ICC profile to a Primera printer driver.   First, create a new ICC/ICM profile.  There are many online tutorials for this process.  You will need custom software and hardware to accomplish this.   Example: 

1. Open Devices and Printers, click on Color Label 610 or one of the other printers listed above.   Select Manage.  Now click on Printer Properties.
2. Click on the Color Management tab.
3. Click the Color Management button.
4. Select ‘Printer: Color Label 610’ from the Device list .  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Every time you come into the Color Management window, you will need to re-select Color Label 610 otherwise, you will likely be changing profiles for your monitor. Check the Use my settings for this device box.  Set profile selection to Manual.
5. Click on the Add… button.  Click Browse… and then find the profile you created.  Click Add and then OK.
6. Find the just added profile you want to use from the list and click the ‘Set as Default Profile’ button.   It should then show the profile with a ‘(default)’ after it.

7. Now you can print.  IMPORTANT:  Since you are manually selecting this ICC/ICM profile you MUST select ‘-NONE-‘ for Color Matching in the driver settings.  The driver won’t select a profile, but the Windows system will select the default profile you’ve chosen.

8. If you want to use the preset profiles again, go back into the Color Management window, select Color Label 610, and then uncheck the ‘Use my settings for this device’ box.

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