How do I use Lamination Mode on the Primera LX610?

How do I use Lamination Mode on the LX610?

Enable "Lamination Mode" in PrintHub and Config Utility (Coming Soon to Mac).  This setting will convert Matte BOPP or Gloss BOPP digital die-cut material into waterproof labels.  With lamination, Premium Gloss stock will become highly water-resistant to surface water contact.  Lamination also protects against scratching and fading. 

This function will slightly change the Printer's operation to allow clear laminate labels to be applied to the print before it is cut. 


1A. Open PrintHub. Go to Printer Settings – Advanced Button.  Enable Lamination Mode.

1B.  On a Mac, open the LX610Config Utility.  Go to the Alignment tab (third tab), click Output/Cut. Check Lamination Mode.

       2. Go to the XY cutter tab. Increase cut pressure by 25 to account for the extra force needed to cut through the lamination and the label.

      3. Send your label and cut file to the LX610 as you usually would.   It is best to limit page size to correspond with the size of the lamination label if possible.

4. After printing, the label is ejected from the Printer but not cut.

At this point, the Printer will wait for you indefinitely while you put a lamination label over the printed surface. (Purchase of Lamination Labels is required)

When you are ready, press the pause or feed button to start the cutting process.

After cutting is complete, the page will be ejected and cut according to your output settings.
  1. Tip 1 - Use a platform such as a monitor stand positioned in front of the Printer to apply your lamination labels.  The monitor stand height can be set to just under the output of the label. A height of 5.25" is ideal, but anything between 4 – 5.25 would work.
  2. Tip 2 - Use an automated or manual label dispenser to dispense the clear labels to speed up operations.
  3. Tip 3 - Small bubbles in lamination disappear within 24 hours as the adhesive cures.
  4. Tip 4 – Print a box around your label to guide lamination label application. (4x3, 3x2, or 4.25x6) The box will be not be seen since you will strip the waste matrix away, but it will help you determine where the lamination label should be applied.

See the video demonstrations below:

These 2 mil thick lamination labels are available for purchase (2 mil lamination is recommended to make it easier to place the labels): 

  1. 4 x 3 -
  2. 3 x 2.5 -
  3. 4.25 x 6 -
Not Cutting Deep Enough?  If additional cutting pressure is required to cut through the lamination and label you can use this tip.  As the cutting knife dulls it may be necessary to increase pressure beyond the maximum.  Instead of installing a new blade, you can try raising the position of the knife just slightly, this will force the solenoid to extend longer therefore increasing pressure.  Just raise up the cutting knife no more than 1mm and lock it back in place.   (If you raise it more than 1mm it may not cut at all).

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