How do I uninstall / remove the LX2000 driver?

How do I uninstall / remove the LX2000 driver?

To completely remove the driver and all components, follow these instructions: 

1. Go to Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs.  

2. Uninstall both Primera Color Label Printer 2000 Basic Device Software and SWFWClientx64.  See below. 

3. During the uninstall process, it will prompt you to disconnect USB.

To reinstall, run the original install disc or the latest download software package from the website.  

Note 1: Removing the driver through devices and printers (traditional method) will not completely remove the driver. 

Note 2: PTStatus 2000 is not part of the driver so it will not be removed by this process.  To remove it, uninstall via Add/Remove programs.

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