How do I print and cut 2x6 photo strips from my photo booth software (IP60)?

How do I print and cut 2x6 photo strips from my photo booth software (IP60)?

The IP60 can print 2x6 photo strips one at a time by changing the page size. However, some photo booth software only allows you to print two strips on one 4x6 photo with the expectation the printer will cut the 4x6 photo in half. You can enable this setting on the IP60!

PC Instructions:

If you are printing from Primera Snap and many other software programs, the print settings can be found right before printing after clicking the Print Icon and selecting the printer. When printing from other programs, you can adjust the default print settings by going to Control Panel – Devices and Printers. Now right-click on "IP60 Photo" and choose printing preferences.

Set Cut Print in Half to "YES".

Please note: IP60 will continue to cut the 4x6 photo in half until this setting is disabled, regardless of what is printed.  

PTLink Instructions:

1. From an iPhone/iPad device on the same network as PTLink, navigate using the Safari web browser to ptlink-xxxxxx.local and type in your password. (The numbers/characters represented by the xxxxxx will be different for each PTLink module and printed on a label attached to your PTLink.)

2. Click the menu icon to reveal additional settings.

3. Select CUPS Server.

4. Select Printers.

5. Choose PTI_Color_Photo_IP60

6. Find the Administration dropdown menu. Choose Set Default Options.

7. Print options will be displayed. The following options can be adjusted.
a. Media Size (6x4 and 6x4.5 are available)
b. Quality (Best and Normal)
c. Color Matching (Photo or Graphic)
d. Cut Print in Half

8. Choose your options and click the Set Default Options button.

PTLink Manual

Note: This setting is not available on Mac.

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