How do I print a two page (front-back) label using BarTender Ultralite? (LX Series Label Printer)

How do I print a two page (front-back) label using BarTender Ultralite? (LX Series Label Printer)

The instructions below are for two page labels where both the first and second page are the same size.  Each have separate designs.  This would typically be used for front-back labels on a container.  For different sized front and back labels you will need to create the labels in a separate program and save them as a multipage PDF.

1. Open BarTender.

2. Go to the File Menu - New.

3. Choose Blank Template.

4. Select the printer.

5. Click Specify Custom Settings.

6. Click Finish.  We will change the page size etc. later.

7. Click on File - Page Setup

8. Click on Page.  Set your page width to the actual width of the label.  Set your page height to (2 X Height + gap between labels).  In the example below the label size is 4" x 3" so the height would be 6.125".  0.125" is the standard gap between labels.  This could be different if you are using custom label stock not from Primera.

9. Click Layout.  Set the Rows to "2".  Set the Columns to "1".  Set the Template Size to the actual Label size which is 4" x 3" in this example.  Bartender will figure out the gap automatically.  All margins should be set to zero!

10. Click Templates.  Select the new template icon.  Template 2 will appear.

11. Click on Background.  Select Template 1.  Now insert a picture, color or leave it blank.  Click on the dropdown to select Template 2.  Add a picture, color or leave it blank.  

12. Click OK.

13. You may now print or add additional text or barcodes to each individual template/page by clicking the tab on the bottom to switch between them.

When you print, each copy will contain both page one and two.  In other words if you print 2 copies you will print four labels.  Front-Back, Front Back.

You can download the BarTender file used in this example here.  It is formatted for an LX900 but can easily be used for other LX series printers.


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