How do I deactivate BarTender so I can activate the free Ultralite Primera version?

How do I deactivate BarTender so I can activate the free Ultralite Primera version?

  1. Open BarTender.

  2. Go to the Help Menu.

  3. Choose "BarTender Licensing Wizard".

  4. Choose "Deactivate BarTender Suite".

  5. Choose "Deactivate and remove the Product Key Code from this computer".

  6. Click Next.

  7. Click Finish when you see the Deactivation Successful message.

  8. Go to the Help menu.  Choose Activate this Software...

  9. Choose Activate a New License...

  10. Enter the License Key provided by the installer or given to you by support.  If copied from an email or other software click the paste button to paste it into the four boxes. Click Next.

  11. You will see an Activation Successful message.  Click Next.

  12. On the next screens you may choose to fill out registration information or Skip it.

  13. This is what you will see in the Help Menu - About when installed correctly.

Advanced Solutions:

If you have any trouble activating or are receiving any BarTender Errors 1401, 802 or 807 you may use the Administration Console to fix them.  Typically these errors occur in a network environment where multiple computers have access to each other and the BarTender License server.  This is installed and setup automatically and you may be using it without realizing it. It is possible that BarTender is installed on another PC on your network using the same code.  That code is only valid for up to 5 printers.  If you have more than 5 printers it has to share the license between the printers.  If the other PC switches to print to a new printer it can take the license away from your printer. 

1. Click on the Window icon in the lower left.
2. Choose BarTender - Administration Console, or just search for "Administration Console". 

3. Go to the Licensing section. Try switching to a new license.  If you have purchased BarTender Professional Edition, please contact BarTender support directly before making changes on this screen.  

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