How do I cut the Magnetic Material for my LX610.

How do I cut the Magnetic Material for my LX610.

The recommended starting knife pressure for the magnetic media is 22. This media is not meant to be cut all the way through because there is no liner. Instead, this knife pressure setting is meant to score the magnetic media so that it can be removed by hand after printing. In some cases, it may be necessary to tear the outer excess material from the intended shape. If you do cut all the way through this media, it can damage the wear strip, break the knife tip or cause media jams.

Setup Video:

Knife Pressure and Stretch Factor
settings can be found in Primera Print Hub on the Printer Settings Tab for the LX610. Click the Advanced Settings button to view these settings.

Knife Pressure
affects how deep into the media the knife will cut.  Ideally you want to cut deep enough to cut through the label layer on the top but not so deep that you cut through the backing paper (liner).  When you cut through the backing paper your label will not peel cleaning off the backing paper. You will also score the wear strip under the cutting knife which can cause the knife tip to break.  You will also need to replace the wear strip more often if you cut too deep.

By default, the cutter is calibrated to work with High Gloss Paper Media.   However, other media types will need more or less cut pressure to cut properly.  

Each roll of media
will have a recommended value to add or subtract from the default baseline values used for Knife Pressure and Knife Stretch Factor.  These values are listed below and printed on a label attached to the inside of the core. 


Knife Pressure

Stretch Factor

High Gloss Paper



High Gloss BOPP






Knife Stretch Factor
can be increased or decreased to compensate for different feed thicknesses and textures of media.  Thickness and texture can affect the feed speed of the media usually causing it to feed more slowly than the baseline media (High Gloss Paper). This will cause the height/length of your cut to be shorter.  If you find that your cut height/length is longer or shorter than the height specified in the PTCreate software, you may need to increase or decrease the stretch factor.  Increasing this value with create a longer cut.  Decreasing it will create a shorter cut.

Adjusting Knife Pressure over time.

Eventually, the knife blade will begin to wear and require more cut pressure to cut at the same depth as when it was brand new and sharper.  Therefore, you may need to add cut pressure when cutting any media even the High Gloss Paper. 

To determine if cut pressure needs to be increased or decreased, follow these steps.

1.      Print and Cut 1 copy and then attempt to peel the label from the liner.

2.      Check for tear. If the label tears when you remove it, you will need to increase the cut pressure.  Increase pressure in small increments to avoid over compensating and cutting through the liner.

3.      Check the liner. Once you peel up the label, check the liner. If it has been cut through, decrease pressure.

 Continue increasing or decreasing pressure until the label no longer tears when removed or the liner is not cut through.

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