How do I change the print settings/preferences on my LX800 or LX810? What do they mean? (Mac Only)

How do I change the print settings/preferences on my LX800 or LX810? What do they mean? (Mac Only)

LX800/LX810 Printer Driver Settings (Mac Only)

To change the printer setting from any application click Print. The printer settings screen defaults to Copies and Pages. Click the drop down arrow to change the screen to Label Printer Settings. The following screen will appear.

Print Quality. There are 6 levels of print quality in the driver. The lower the Quality, the faster the print. Quality 1 provides the fastest print available while Quality 6 provides the best quality. It is recommended that you experiment with the different levels when designing your label to find a good balance between print quality and print speed.

Color Type. Set the color type to Graphic to get the most vibrant colors and the most saturation. For closer color matching and better skin tones set the color type to Photo.

Cartridge to Use. Change this setting depending on the image you are printing. If you are printing an image that has black text or graphics you may want to leave it at the default setting of "Color + Black". This setting will give you true process black graphics, text or barcodes. If your label is primarily color, for best results change this setting to "Color". All colors including black will be printed with only the color cartridge. Change this setting to "Black" if you want your image to print with only the black cartridge.

Ink Saturation. This option controls the amount of ink used when printing an image. The default setting is 100%, which will provide the most accurate color matching. If the ink is not drying fast enough, you can decrease the Ink Saturation to lessen the amount of ink that is applied to the label.

Left Margin Offset. This will be factory calibrated. If fine tuning is needed, increase this setting to move the image right on the label; decrease this setting to move the image to the left on the label. The unit of measure is 0.1mm.

Defaults. To set the current settings as the defaults, click Save as Defaults. To restore settings to original factory defaults click Restore Defaults.

Config. Utility. The following settings can be accessed from the configuration utility. This utility can also be accessed directly via the utility button on the Printer Setup Utility screen.

Clean/Purge. If it has been more than 48 hours since your last print or if your print quality has deteriorated with bands or lines it is recommended that you clean the cartridges. This is done by clicking the Clean/Purge button.

Change Cartridge(s). Click the Change Cartridge(s) button to move the cartridges into position for easy access for replacement. When installing cartridges you will be prompted to align your cartridges.

Cartridge Alignment. Cartridge Alignment will align the Black Cartridge to the Color Cartridge. You will automatically be prompted to perform this alignment each time you install a new cartridge. If you find that the black objects are not aligning properly with color objects on your label you can run the alignment procedure from the printer driver. Click on Cartridge Alignment and you will see a Properties button. Press this button to start the Alignment procedure. You will be prompted to have label stock of 4"x4" or larger. The printer will print an alignment pattern then scan that pattern into memory automatically. Once it has finished you will see a dialog box stating that alignment values have been saved.

About. About will display the driver version, firmware version, serial number, and the print counter. The print counter will count the number of prints sent through the driver until you reset it by clicking the Reset button. You may also update the firmware from this screen.

Printer Settings. The following screen will appear. The following settings can be adjusted on this screen.


Sensor Type. This setting refers to the method the LX800 will use to determine the start point for printing the image on the label.

Die-Cut/Thru-hole. If you are using standard die-cut labels or Through-hole label material, where a hole is punched through each label for alignment purposes, use this setting.

Reflective is used for black stripe sensing label material where a pre-printed line indicates the break between labels.

Continuous Feed is used for label stock that has no black mark, die cut or through hole. The label sensor will be turned off and the LX800 will start printing at whatever point is nearest. Use this setting only for stock that will be cut after printing. Click here for more information.

Rewinder Mode. This defaults to No. When set to no, the printer will align your labels with the tear off bar for easy removal. This mode can be set to Yes when using the LX800 with an automatic rewinder.

TOF Offset. TOF stands for Top of Form and this setting allows you to fine tune the alignment of your printing on your label stock. This will be factory calibrated. If fine tuning is needed, increase this setting to move the image down on the label; decrease this setting to move the image up on the label. The unit of measure is 0.1mm.

Tear Off Offset. If Rewinder Mode (described earlier in this section) is set to No, the LX800 will present your labels over the Tear Bar for easy removal. This is set at the factory. If fine tuning is needed to align the break in your label stock over the Tear Bar, increase this setting to eject the label further; decrease this setting to eject the label stock less. The unit of measure is 0.1mm.

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