Feed Stall Error (Eddie).

Feed Stall Error (Eddie).

The feed stall error means that the lower arm of the cookie platform/tongue is hitting the crumb catcher.  There are a couple of reasons for this.

1. Press Load/Unload Button. If the error occurs right after the printer starts up, either press the Load/Unload button or lift up and close the top section of the printer to clear the error.

2. Crumb Catcher.  You may encounter this error at printer start-up if there is anything blocking the platform/tongue movement.  Ensure the crumb catcher is installed correctly and not blocking the cookie sensor on the right side or the front-to-back movement of the platform/tongue. The hooks on the back of the crumb catcher should align with the slots on the back of the printer.   You should be able to see the hooks on the back of the printer.  Make sure they are fully seated and hooked in the back.  You should not be able to remove the crumb catcher without lifting up on the back of the crumb catcher.  

If the hooks are not grabbing on to the back of the printer you may need to remove the crumb catcher so you can access the filter grill screws on the bottom.  Loosen these screws 1/4 turn to allow the hooks to fully engage with the back of the printer.

3. Make sure the Carousel Base is fully seated on the table and correctly connected to the printer.  If the front feet of the carousel base are hanging off the front of your table it can push up on the bottom of the crumb tray causing it to contact the bottom of the tongue arm.  

4. Remove the Crumb Catcher (Temporarily).  If you are still receiving this error, remove the crumb catcher completely and restart the printer.  If the error goes away, you know that the problem is crumb catcher-related.  Reinstall it and examine the install.    If the error remains without the crumb catcher, contact support for additional troubleshooting or to setup a service appointment. 

5. Clean the Tongue Encoder Wheel.  The tongue encoder wheel is used to determine the front to back position of the tongue.  Overtime ink overspray mist can build up on this wheel and prevent it from being read by the sensor.  Cleaning it is easy but requires removing the cover.  Follow these steps:

      A. Remove the cover by following the instructions at the start of this video.   Watch the cover removal process from 26 to 48 seconds.  
      B. Clean the encoder wheel according to the video below:

     C. Reinstall the cover screws. Watch this video starting at 2:45

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