Eddie Edible Ink Compliance Information

Eddie Edible Ink Compliance Information

On the page linked above you will find the latest on the following:
  1. NSF Certification
  2. USA/Canada Ink Technical Data Sheets and SDS
  3. Europe Ink Technical Data Sheets and SDS
  4. Note: Two different types of ink are available; one is approved for use in the USA and Canada, the other for the European Union (EU). Cyan and Yellow are identical in both ink formulations. The only difference is with the composition of the Magenta ink. The USA Magenta ink contains Red Dyes #3 and #40 and Blue Dye #1, which are not permitted for use in food colorings in the EU. The EU Magenta contains carmoisine, which is not approved for use in food colorings in the USA. To learn which Magenta ink is approved for use in countries other than the USA and Europe, please first check with your local authorities. Or, contact us at Primera. We may have additional information available that is specific to your country.

*Please note: Eddie’s CMY inks are Kosher certified, but the ink filling process currently does not have Kosher certification. Please get in touch with Primera Sales for updates.

Halal Certificates

GMP documentation is available upon request.

Vegan Information

The technical data sheets available on the Eddie Edible Ink Compliance Information page indicate that the ink is suitable for vegans.  This means the Glycerin and other ingredients in this ink are not derived from animals.

GMO Status

This product is not a bioengineered food.

Organic Status

This product is not organic certified.

Allergen Information (Nuts, Wheat, Fish, Milk, Eggs) = Not Present  - see excerpt from technical data sheet below and on the linked pages.

Excerpt from Technical Data Sheet below:

Article ID 062222b
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