Discribe locks up or crashes when opening.

Discribe locks up or crashes when opening.

Discribe locks up / crashes when opening.

A. Printer Driver

This can be caused by a corrupted Bravo / Bravo II / BravoPro printer driver. Try opening Discribe with the USB cable to the Bravo disconnected. If Discribe opens normally, you will need to delete and reinstall the latest Bravo printer driver.

1. Go to the Printer Setup Utility (Hard Drive - Applications - Utilities - Printer Setup Utility).
2. Delete the driver.
3. Delete the driver pkg receipt from Hard Drive - Library - Reciepts.
4. Download and install the new driver. Download the file from here:
5. Add the new driver from the Printer Setup Utility.
6. Discribe should open normally.

B. Repair Permissions

The permissions on the Mac may be corrupted. Repair Disk Permissions is a fix you can run from the Mac Disk Utility. Go to Macintosh HD - Applications - Utilities - Disk Utility. Once the utility opens, click the Macintosh HD in the left column. Now click the Repair Disk Permissions button. This process can take up to an hour and you may be asked to reboot after it is complete.

C. Avid USB Keyspan connected.

If this device is connected it may conflict with Discribe. This is a USB to Serial converter used to plug an older style keyboard or mouse into newer Macs that do not have serial/PS2 connectors for a keyboard or mouse. Disconnect this converter from your Mac to solve the problem.

D. Reinstall

If this solution does not work, make sure you have the latest version of Discribe and then delete and reinstall Discribe.

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