Cutter Stall Error (LX600-LX610)

Cutter Stall Error (LX600-LX610)

The cutter referred to by this error message is the output cutter located at the front of the printer. This is a pizza wheel-style cutting disc that completely cuts through the label/media at the end of the job or at the end of every page, depending on how you set it.  

This cutter can either dull over time, or more likely; it may accumulate adhesive, dust, and slivers of media that can eventually impede its movement.  To resolve this issue, you can remove the cover to access the cutter discs so that you can clean or replace it.

See this Video Reference for the IP60 printer which is similar except for the cover removal and replacement.

Follow these instructions to remove the top cover of the LX600/LX610:

To clean or replace the cutter disc follow these instructions:

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