Cuts do not line up with the prints or alignment is off. Cuts are crooked (LX610).

Cuts do not line up with the prints or alignment is off. Cuts are crooked (LX610).

Cut alignment is calibrated at the factory.  However, it is possible that you may need to adjust the cut line position for certain prints/cuts.

1. Reduce page size in PTCreate as much as possible.  For example, if your page contains 2 columns and 4 rows of the same design over and over, this can be reduced to a 2 column x 1 row page that you print four times. There is slightly more waste between each row but the cut accuracy is much improved.  This allows for more frequent registration of the printed page to the cut.  Otherwise, the printer has to print all 11.5 inches and then back up to find the exact same spot to cut. Longer page sizes should only be used for larger labels that require it. 

2. Adjust Cutter Offsets by opening Primera Print Hub.  Go to the Printer Settings tab.  Click on the Advanced Settings button.  Adjust cutter offsets according to the diagram below.  Remember the top of your document prints first so it prints upside down if you are standing in front of the printer.

3. Lower Feed Speed and check Create Loop.  If you can't reduce your page size because you are using a large label or creating a specific size sticker sheets, set Roll Feed Speed, Feed Speed, and Reverse Speed to "20".  Also,  check the Create Loop box in Advanced Settings.

4. Nudge labels as the last resort. To adjust the cut alignment use the nudge tool in PTCreate design software. The nudge arrows can be used to move the cut line very small amounts in any direction. Make sure you have the cutline or cut layer selected before using the nudge arrows.  Note: This may make it appear in the software that the cutline will not be in the correct location.  This is normal since you are compensating for an inaccurate cut position.  As long as the print and cut line up on your label it doesn't matter that the software is offset.

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