Can I print wirelessly to my Primera Printer? (LX3000)

Can I print wirelessly to my Primera Printer? (LX3000 and Eddie)

The Eddie, LX3000 or Catalyst can be used out of the box with a USB connection or Ethernet connection.  You can purchase a BrosTrend Wifi Range Extender with an Ethernet port to connect the printer to a wireless network.  You can then print to it from any computer connected to the BrosTrend adapter that has been switched into Access Point Mode.  

Important Note: In order to print to the Eddie, LX3000, or Catalyst you will need to connect to the network broadcast by the BrosTrend Adapter.  While connected to that network you will have no internet access.  Basically, this means when you want to print you need to switch your wireless connection to BrosTrend_EXT2.  When you want to use the internet you need to switch back to your regular wireless network. Switching between networks takes only a few seconds. 
-Wireless printing or Ethernet printing is not currently available on Mac OS, or iOS (iPhone, iPad).

  1. BrosTrend AC1200 E1 
Click here for a Video Tutorial on the entire setup process using an Eddie Edible Ink Printer. 

-or- follow the written instructions below:

Part A: Set up the Wifi extender and connect it to the printer.

1. Connect the wifi extender to power.  As soon as it is powered on for the first time, it will broadcast its own SSID network name.

2. Use your wifi connected PC or laptop to search for the BrosTrend_EXT.   

3. As soon as you are connected, a browser windows will open and you will prompted to create a password.  If you are not prompted go to or type in your address bar. 

4. You will then be prompted to choose the network and enter the password for the network you would like to extend.  Ignore this step.  Instead choose the "Switch Modes" button at the top of the page.

5. The device configuration page will appear.  Click AP Mode and the Switch Mode button. 

6. Once you have successfully changed the mode, you may now connect the Wifi extender to the LX3000 or Eddie with a standard ethernet cable (usually included with the device).  You are now ready to move on to the LX3000/Eddie Driver installation.

Part B: Connect the printer to the BrosTrend Wifi Extender. 

Make sure the USB cable is disconnected!

Part C: Install the Primera printer software from the download page.

Go to or   Download the installation software. (The following instructions are for PC only)

1. Follow the installation prompts.  Choose Network.  IMPORTANT NOTE: To begin the installation you will need to be connected to your regular wifi network which provides internet access.  After you click the Network button shown below you will need to switch to the BrosTrend_EXT2 Network which was created in Part A. 

2. After you click Network, the installer searches a default IP address range.  It will probably not find the printer on the first try.  This is normal.

3. In most cases you will need to adjust the IP Range to Sweep.  Type  Now click Search.  When it finds the printer click Install. 

4. On the next screen, choose the type of install. Select DHCP Address.

5. Click Install to complete the installation. 

You are now ready to print to your Eddie, LX3000 or Catalyst wirelessly!  Remember, whenever you print you will need to switch to the BrosTrend_EXT2 network. For internet you will need to switch to your regular wifi network.  You will have not internet when connected to the BrosTrend EXT2 (Printing) network. Click the wifi icon to change networks.

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