Are Primera labels recyclable? Is Primera ink Recyclable?

Are Primera labels recyclable? Is Primera ink recyclable?


The adhesives used with our labels are NOT recyclable.  Therefore the labels are not recyclable since the adhesive cannot be separated.  If you want your package to be recyclable, direct the consumer to remove the label first before putting it in the recycle bin.  Ideally, the label should be removed easily.  Please test this with your specific packaging.  Synthetic labels such as Matte BOPP or Extreme Poly will be more easily removed from packaging.  Paper labels such as Premium Gloss may separate into multiple pieces and be more difficult to remove.

Empty Ink Cartridges:

The Primera Cartridge Recycle Program is available for the following cartridge part numbers from the LX900 or 4100 Series: 53422, 53423, 53424, 53425, 57401, 57402, 57403, 57404

Simply mail your empty Primera print cartridge in a sealed plastic bag to the following address:

Primera Cartridge Collection Program

Two Carlson Parkway North
Plymouth, MN 55447 U.S.A.

For other cartridges check with your local county/city for their recommendations. Many counties have a central drop-off location or will recommend local electronics, office or discount retailers where you can drop off ink cartridges for free.

Please see our Environmental Policy for information regarding the European Union's (EU) WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive.

Note: Primera is actively working on a recyclable/compostable solution, but the technology is not ready yet.  Once available, those inks and substrates will work on all existing Primera printers.

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