AP-Code Date Coder display does not start up normally.

AP-Code Date Coder display does not start up normally.

1.  Startup Menu Displayed.  If your AP-Code Date Coders tablet powers on, but shows a startup menu instead of starting up, check to ensure that the volume rocker located at the bottom of the tablet isn't making contact with the tablet's stand.

Pushing down too much on the tablet when it is placed in the display stand may cause one of the volume rockers to make contact with the stand, which will cause it to show the startup menu instead of actually starting up when you press the power button. You may prevent this from happening by pushing the tablet slightly upward from its stand.

If it slides back down to the point where the volume button gets pressed again, you may add some form of spacer next to the volume rocker to keep it from touching the stand. Double-sided tape with only one side of the adhesive protective cover removed could do this.  The stand should already include a spacer.  However it may not have been installed correctly or may have become compressed over time.

2. Blank Screen Displayed.  If the AP-Date Coder's tablet appears to start up normally but goes blank, this may be caused by the screen rotation option of the tablet being set to "Landscape"
It needs to be set to "Portrait" mode to display correctly.

Instructions to Fix: 

A. You can set the rotation by swiping downward three times from the top of the screen to get the Quick Settings Menu.

B. Touch the rotation option until it says "Portrait", this is usually in the left column, middle row of options.

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