These machines break and their policy to handle that is a joke

These machines break and their policy to handle that is a joke

We have a Primera LX2000

Every time we have to do any maintenance whatsoever, the machine will have errors for the next 30 minutes.

We can usually get it working again but either we purchased a defective machine or its just junk. 

Today we had an issue where the machine would not print, tech support couldn't figure it out so they wanted us to send it in for a non warranty repair.

I explained to them that I would need a loaner machine while ours is being repaired b/c we use this machine every day (I had got it working again on my own but don't trust it to stay fixed.)

I spoke with Richard, who was condescending and no help at all. His plan was to send me a refurbished machine, with no warranty and they take back our current machine that is about 2 yrs old. 

I explained to Richard that that plan seemed unfair, I would be trading in a fairly new machine for one that was defective but had been repaired and has no warranty. 

My concern was a used machine that has already had issues and comes with no warranty would be risky and downgrade from our fairly new machine.

We've purchased 2 printers from this company, each was a few thousand dollars. Our next printer will not be a Primera.